Ivorian press review, 17 January 2013

Ivorian press


The Elephants’ arrival in South Africa ahead of the 2013 Nation’s Cup is the main news in the Ivorian sporting media. ‘L’Inter’ says that after a ten days campi in Abu Dhabi, Lamouchi’s squad have arrived in Rusterburg, South Africa, where they will start their group matches against Emmanuel Adebayor’s Togo. If for the Ivorian manager the team is irreproachable as far as their physical form is concerned, tactical adjustment will be made before facing Togo, says the article’s author. Sabri concludes by saying that during the Ivoirians’ unique preparation test against Egypt, the team showed gaps in the midfield as well as a lack of combativeness in the defense.
‘Supersport’ says that the inexhaustible Elephants’ captain Drogba expresses his. conference “Now everybody expects something great from us, and we hope to give our country the best of ourselves. Our team is able to perform well this year and it would be fantastic to win. To be honest, we’re fed up of losing every time”.
‘Le jour plus’ says Arsenal’s Gervinho told the media that his side should not think about the final for the moment. He says they have to be focused on each game, being collective and helpful to each other throughout the competition. “We have learned a lot from the final lost to Zambia in the penalty shoot out last year and we’re aware we should avoid the same mistakes, says the player.
‘Le Patriote’ says Kasimpasa’s midfielder Kafoumba Coulibaly is more optimistic about the competition’s outcome. The twenty-seven-old says they had bad luck last year in Gabon, but he’s certain that the trophy will go to Abidjan this time.

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