Ivorian press review, 25 January 2013

Ivorian press


The Elephants’ state of mind ahead of their second group match against Tunisia is the main news in the Ivorian sporting media. ‘Supersport’ says Ivory Coast’s boss Sabri Lamouchi and his team had a two hour discussion during which the former French player expressed his discontent following their poor performance against Togo. “This is the worst game we displayed since I have been in charge” Lamouchi told his star players. The paper concludes by saying Drogba and co. are no less motivated after this self-criticism. Moreover, City’s Yaya Toure hopes this time will be the best. He told journalists that their key goal is to win all their matches “We’re here in order to play six finals and win them all”.
‘Nord-Sud’ says Tunisia’s coach Samir Trabelsi and his side are not intimidated by the Ivorian big names. He says his men are ready for the game and will play without a complex. ‘L’Expression’ has a flash back to Ivory Coast’s pale performance in their inaugural Nation’s Cup match. The article’s author says that Lamouchi did not put the right men at the right place even though he had limited option as far as Kolo Toure and Souleymane Bamba are concerned; he could have included Tiote in the starting eleven in order to provide a solid bulwark in the midfield. It goes on to denounce Lamouchi’s lack of authority over his men. For the paper, it’s hard to believe that he failed to give a convincing strategy to change the course of the game. The team should embody vivacity, combativeness, solidarity and realism if they want to win the competition, suggests the paper.

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