Opening of new technical centre

Opening of National Technical Centre

I caught up with the head of the Ivorian Football Federation at the weekend, at the official opening of the new National Technical Centre in Bingerville, which looks like a great resource for future Elephants teams. I’ve put some photos at the bottom of the article. The centre has been paid for by the FIFA Goal project. The first stone was also laid for an extension to the residential block so the centre will have 40+ places – enough for the senior team to use, and a somewhat cheaper alternative to the Golf Hotel. It’ll also be easier to secure, and Drogba’s new mansion that he’s building is just across the lagoon (swimmable). They’ve even got their own private beach.

Anyway, here’s what Jacques Anouma said:

“We’ll get going on the 16th May, with the first gathering of players who ended their respective championships early. Then a second group will join them from the 23rd, to finish the preparation up to our departure for France the 9th June to travel to South Africa. All the preparation will be in Switzerland; first of all at Montreux [not sure on the spelling?], and then at altitude, with two friendly matches; against Paraguay and Japan.”
He added…
“We all have dreams full of hope for our national team. But often the reality is a different affair. We’ve got 32 teams – I won’t say of equal value, but of different value, and only one will have the chance on the eleventh to lift the trophy. So, we need to fight as well to get there. I hope that this time the national team can at least get past the first round and then carry on the march to the summit. I hope that we’ll make Ivorians happy, but above all bear in mind that it’s a game. Victories can come and not come, but it’s not the end of the world. My hope is this team will improve and improve.”

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