Asec Mimosas 1 – AFAD Djekanou 0

Asec win, May 2010

I don’t often get to see club football here, but I was intrigued to see that around the halfway point of the season, a newly promoted team from a village in the middle of the country were top. AFAD Djekanou is the home of one of Ivory Coast’s most up-and-coming football academies. As things would have it, they were due to defend their place at the top of the league against reigning champions Asec Mimosas.

Well, there’s still no doubt about the leading academy in Ivory Coast. Asec looked better for the whole match and came out top. All played to a near empty stadium. There were some interesting comments in the press conference afterwards that Ivorian academy football (which creates matches like this when most players on the pitch are 19 or 20) created certain tendancies; for one, the lack of shooting in the Ivorian game, something I’ve noted before. Djekanou had a few chances but not one single shot on target.

Reserve Asec goalkeeper Daniel Yeboah was all smiles afterwards, no doubt happy to be called up in Eriksson’s squad. He’s not getting first team football at Asec though so I guess he’s got a good chance of being dropped.

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