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- Here’s the latest news from inside the training camp. The line that says that all the players currently there are defenders or goalkeepers is classic. Wonder how useful this week has been? At least they can work on defensive¬†frailties. Maybe North Korea will be a problem, maybe not. In any case, if things aren’t decided before the start of the final match, I suspect the Elephants have got some sort of result against Portugal or Brazil.

- I enjoyed this FIFA interview with Romaric. The article would seem to hint that defensive problems lie with some attackers not willing to defend. FIFA seem to get some good material whenever they interview the players. I suspect they get a bit more access and respect than the few minutes we sometimes get with the players here.

- The BBC takes a look at the Asec Football academy here.

- A good long article on Didier Drogba and the peace process here in Ivory Coast. Two minor errors – Drogba’s Pepsi fee is a lot less than the reported sum (at least according to him) and the deaths in the March 2009 stadium disaster were 20 not 22 (as reportedly wrongly by AP who didn’t have a correspondent here).

- More from Sports Illustrated, and this gives perhaps the best preview I’ve read of Ivory Coast’s chances.

- Good to see the youngsters doing well – here winning 3-0 against Japan in the Toulon cup, currently being held in France.

- Could Aruna suddenly head off to Qatar? I think it’d be great to see him tested a bit more in the Premiership. The money may be good in Qatar but I can’t imagine the salaries near the minimum wage in the English Premiership.

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