Ivorian Federation: “Drogba rejoins the Elephants Monday”

An article by the Ivorian Football Federation is being widely cited in the media on Drogba’s recovery and I thought many people would appreciate a translation in English. The French version can be found here.

Sunday, 6 June 2010, it’s 12h00 when His Excellence, Emmanuel Diarrasouba, Ambassador of Ivory Coast to Switzerland arrives at the hospital Lindenhof, Bern, the day after a surgical intervention carried out with success on Didier Drogba, following a fracture of the cubitus of the right forearm. The diplomat made the trip to explain, in the name of Ivorians living in Switzerland, his support for the captain of the national team.

Installed in one of the VIP rooms of this renowned hospital, the player is surrounded by his wife and 3 children. He has a smile and breathes well.

An hour later, by which time the ambassador had already retired, Benjamin Djedje, Vice-president of the Ivorian Football Federation, appeared in the company of Professor Dah Cyrille, head of the media staff, and Roger Kouassi, head of communications for the Elephants.

For the whole day, these were the only visitors admitted. Following instructions left by Professor Michel Gaillaud, the personal doctor of Drogba, visits were strictly monitored, nay forbidden, to preserve the serenity of the patient.

Thanks to some good luck, the representatives from the Ivorian Federation accompanied the star with his family to the garden of the hospital. They left 30 minutes later, smiling, but refusing to issue a declaration.
Their attitude showed the choice of the federation to communicate with prudence and responsibility, much to the disappointment of a team from Tele Globo (Brazilian TV channel), who had been in the hospital area for 48 hours.

As for Professor Gaillaud, who we managed to contact by phone, he’s happy to confirm his optimism when it comes to the rapid recovery of his patient. During our conversation, he said that he was in Paris in order to bring back the latest generation of equipment to accelerate the process of healing and tissue growth.
According to certain reports, the results of the post-operation analysis on Didier Drogba are extremely encouraging. At this stage, we can suppose that the signs are good and that there’s a big hope that the Elephants’ captain will quickly be back with his team mates.
Meanwhile, Didier Drogba will rejoin the Ivorian delegation on Monday at their base in the Golf hotel, in the heights of Saennen-Moser.
He’ll be present for the friendly match between Ivory Coast and FC Laussane Sports, which the team will play before their departure for South Africa.
From the sidelines, he’ll try to galvanise his team mates should he not be present to play.

We recall that the Ivorian team will fly on Wednesday 9 June 2010 to South Africa and establish their base at the Riverside hotel, halfway between Johannesburg and Pretoria.

Robert Kouassi

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